To Sophia Isabelle

I’ll protect you, and shelter you from the evils of this world…your safety and well-being will be my refuge and fortress –
I’ll treasure you – for as much as I adore the woman who bore you, your life – your every breathe will be of my own…
I’ll educate you, feed your mind with what’s right and proper; teach you tools to survive – for as early as you’re brought to the world, I anticipate your freedom and the day you’ll finally stand on your own….
I’ll hold you and embrace you, for a father that I am – I will forever be thankful that my very blood runs in your veins…and will submit to the truth that your existence is a proof of my undying love for your mother…
I’ll love you – and love you even more as time pass; for it’s by having you that I fulfill my purpose and significance – the reason for my breathing.

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