The Gift

In light of recent events, one can’t help but ponder on the uncertainty of life. I guess none of those foreign nationals held hostage at the recent Quirino Grandstand hostage taking thought that at the last day of their vacation here in the Philippines, some of them won’t be back home bringing happy stories and fond memories of the Pearl of the Orient. Hon and I were even talking, what if the situation is reversed: some Filipino yuppy hoping to have the time of his/her life in the world’s shopping capital be trapped in some silly, unexpected crime brought about by an unbalanced society; wouldn’t we feel the same remorse as the whole of HK is now expressing?
Yeah, Hongkong police and media would have had a different approach, but still. As HK resident Jackie Chan puts it in words:
“This kind of things always happen around the world. It happened to HK’s people.”
Yes, life might be uncertain and that anything can happen in one blink of an eye – but as much as some lives end abruptly, some begin so beautiful one can’t help but appreciate. While the whole world witness the taking of eight Chinese lives, I was enjoying the start of one. A life that is a product of my own. 🙂
Your soft kicks and flutter excite my every nerves, happy that you’re strong and responsive.
Your life may have been unexpected, to some certain extent depressing – but I know deep in my heart, your arriving would be the best gift we will ever have.
Your every breathe is a symbol of my love for your mother, who now risks her life for your own. I only pray you don’t give her a hard time.
Your heartbeat, strong and willfull – making us feel it’s all worth the struggle afterall…
There’s no amount of happiness, no amount of anticipation that would describe how I feel at this point. I know in due time your mother and I will understand all of it. As for now, we know that when the whole world will rejoice, celebrating the coming of the Saviour, we’ll have our own little savior too, wrapped in a bundle of love and hope.

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