Birthday Thoughts!

I was once big on birthdays. Prior to high school, I was the type who would invite classmates and friends over for an afternoon of cakes, spaghetti, salad – – even games of pabitin and basag-palayok. When I was about to graduate with honors out of elementary school, considering that my birthday, almost, if not always, falls on a graduation/recognition week, my mama decided we do it in school, make it into some sort of a thanksgiving-party-slash-farewell-party na din. To me, it was humiliating, to be the center of attention – my perky classmates encircling me, singing me a happy birthday song made me sweat like sh*t. I guess that was the start of me kissing birthday parties goodbye.
I don’t usually attend birthday parties either. For me, it feels awkward to just go someplace, maybe give a gift or two, eat a hearty meal and leave. It just doesn’t make sense to me. haha! – I maybe a weirdo, but that’s just how I feel. Where that perception came from – I don’t know.
To me, the only birthdays that matter to me are of my mom’s, my tita’s and my girlfriend’s. A greeting, a nice gift would suffice. 🙂 Nothing extravagant, nothing out-of-this-world. Just me. 🙂
I guess what I’m trying to say is that a birthday is a concept that goes along with the concept of time. I just don’t want to square myself into some limited idea that life on earth is counted with days, weeks, months and years –
But, taking birthdays as way of remembering the special people around you – well that’s a totally different story –
This post is just as confused as me and my girlfriend deciding what to eat on an ordinary lunch date. So I’ll just end this by greeting myself “A happy birthday!” 🙂

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