For You

Don’t fret, arguments are a part and parcel of every relationship…

It means you know how to love someone but not compromise the things you believe in –

Don’t be concerned, certainty’s not always the answer. –

Sometimes, all one needs is a little mystery – a little unearthing –

Don’t vex, I might hold some idiosyncracies in the past…

But the present’s always more significant than the past – I can’t undo them, just hold ‘em lessons learned –

Don’t depart, inadequacies are always there –

Not all of life is within reach… You have to expand your horizons, see things for their worth, go beyond the superficial…

One might lack one thing, but can brim one over another –

Don’t tire, now that I love you more than myself –

Don’t get weary, now that I’m alive more than ever…

I love you – YOU who changed my life.


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