20th of the 8th

Since I got myself a job, I make it a point to make my mom’s birthday a special day. I pretty much know what she likes. It’ simple – go out, eat and watch a nice romantic movie at some nice movie theater. It’s basically the drill every year. Of course, I also wished she might like a spa treatment every now and then, but with regard to those kinds of things, I’m an imbecile. Not so much of a vain person here…but it wouldn’t be a bad idea for my mom..:) Maybe in the next few years..:)
I’m just a little surprised to see her pick up a pair Flojos flip flops while we were strolling the mall – sabi nya yun nlg daw gift ko sa knya…Too overpriced for a pair of rubber flip flops…(But actually they look and kinda feel good for one’s feet) But whatever, d nga sya nagreklamo all those years na paggastos nya sa pagpapaaral sakin…
I guess not only in terms of financial things, but the emotional upbringing, the moral support in whatever I desire to achieve, simply – the love and the care. I couldn’t ask for more..:)
A pair of flip flops wouldn’t be enough to repay her for everything, so it’s all good. Gusto mo isa pa ma? 🙂

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