August and Opportunities

Over the years, the only special thing about August for me is that it’s the birthday month of my mom. It means looking for ways to make her happy. When I was a kid, it means designing new birthday cards. In high school, composing heartfelt birthday letters. In college, well, yeah, thanks to good ‘ol text messaging – made it so much easier..But for the past three years, August has been very special to me. It meant surprises, recognitions, gifts and a looming heartache, I guess…:)
2006 – I saw myself entering my very first job. Part time – then. I always was very curious of what life in a call center would be. You know, the prejudice is that people are so maarte – talking in English the whole time; cigarette smoking, jackets and dark eyeglasses..and lots and lots of coffee. Well for the morst part, they are true. But at least I was able to blend in and fortunately, I was careful enough not to involve myself with smoking.
August 2006 was the time CIS (Customer Intelligence Services) GY was opened – just after 2 months of my exposure to the Research Center. I signed up, not exactly sure of the effects it would bring to my review sessions in preparation for my board exams. Thus started my three years of nocturnal life. And also – of what seemed to be the demise of my chemical engineering hopes and the birth of my call center career.
The following year – August of 2007 – saw my first romantic relationship here in Manila. After a 7-year relationship that wasn’t strong enough to weather oceans of distance, a fellow call center agent said “yes” to me the 20th of the same month. It was healthy, serene and calm – exactly the opposite of my first. But I just knew all along it was all too good to be true. The relationship lasted for 2 short months, ending on the 20th of October. Thus started the emo – Bien; something that I didn’t knew rested deep within me.
Days and months passed, I guess I was stronger – maybe because that was the second time it happened. And also, I guess because my family had been very supportive. Now I can only look back and just be thankful for the experience, for the lessons learned and for the chance to love and be loved. And by the way, I was promoted to QE. Not bad. Truthfully, God seemed to have better plans.
August 2008 was another career transition, when Chuva – my supervisor, was trasferred back to dayshift, Jaypee, our center’s OM, became our manager for the night team and JM – our Data Collection Assistant resigned from his post to focus back on his studies. Throughout the year, I saw myself doing things that demanded so much of me; functioning both as a QE and as an assistant to the team lead. Fortunately, I was even given the opportunity to run shifts from time to time. Career growth was beaming from the horizon. It’s close and I can feel it.
And now, it seems like it’s already here…And although, I ‘m anxious about it, I feel like I’m ready for it..and I know, this will be one fun ride…:)

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