I Love Blogging

I just realized this after reading Fjordz’ entry on a blogging contest, I love Blogging…(btw Fjordz, galing mo talaga, saludo ako sa’yo!)
I guess I have my reasons as well why I love blogging…
I think I found refuge in blogging. I found escape. Let me correct that, not just escape, but liberty. I’ve been through alot of emotional breakdowns in recent years,..and since acquiring myself my own computer, I’ve been better. No more sleepless nights, no more all-of-a-sudden-feeling-sorry-for-myself-moments, no more thinking of people who cared less, no more somber thoughts. I can just type a few words here and there and I’d be set for the night.
I have expressed myself better by writing suppressed ideas. I’m not exactly the type who talks alot, not really someone who’s social and engaging. I drive people away, admittingly. I don’t know but I don’t go well with others. The only real friends I have are left in the province. If I have ones in here in Manila, they can be counted only with my two hands. But through blogging, at least I have more contacts and cyberbuddies than “real” friends. Not bad for someone who drives people away, right? :0
I just hope people would see past the know-it-all-jerk, the sometimes-sarcastic-remarks and the too-silent-he-doesn’t-mean-well attitude through my posts.
I guess the most important thing is that through blogging, I actually do something I like. Writing has been my passion ever since I started composing my very first sentence.,er actually my first stanza. (TRIVIA: I first started being a poet). If it had been my way, I could have chosen Journalism as my field of endeavor in the first place. But issues of financial security and family matters almost always get in the way of the things we like, right? At least now, I do something that my heart dictates, and I plan on keeping the habit.. :0

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