Remembering the King of Pop

As I’m composing this, I still can’t believe a true music icon has already left us…
I’m a confessed fan of Michael Jackson. As early as 11 years old, I’ve been singing his songs. I can still remember my practice sessions with my grade five teacher for a presentation with me choosing MJ’s “Will You Be There” from the Free Willy soundtrack.
From his humble beginnings as a part of The Jackson Five (with which he was popular for his rendition of Ben, and the group equally popular with ABC, I Want You Back and I’ll Be There) to his HUGE, HUGE hit Thriller, Michael permeated through various age groups, broke ethnic barriers and made mainstream POP music the next best thing.
And although accusations of pedophilic actions and other controversies clouded his fame, I still think he ALONE has the ability to fill stadiums and stadiums of people with his concerts and still, many striving musicians still consider him an idol of paramount degrees…
It’s just so sad that after decades of unforgettable music, he left us with nothing to cherish but
memories of Moonwalking, Heal the World, Man in the Mirror and You Are Not Alone….
May you rest in peace, MJ xx

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