Good To Know

“Ago” (short for Santiago) and I have been buddies since college – roommate, my confidant and in many ways than one, a partner in crime. We first met when we were introduced roommates by our then landlady, Tita Thelma. Coincidentally, we were then both going to take up chemical engineering, so right there and then, we clicked.

Drafting, problem sets, Calculus and Strength of Materials, initiations, ghosts haunting our boarding house, changing boarding houses with me arguing with Tita Thelma over water usage (I have always been the rebelde of the group), decisions on whether or not we will continue with engineering – with occasional trips to different Bacolod colleges and universities thinking of transferring and shifting courses, him being a messenger during fights and reconciliations with my then girlfriend, Manila summer trips and OJTs’ – a whirlwind of experiences. I can only smile when I look back.

College came and went, he ended up graduating electrical engineering instead, I finished ChE.

So right now, we are leading different lives – he as a licensed EE, working as maintenance supervisor at Taiyo Yuden Cebu, and me..well me…Two things are the same though, we’re now both single and we both send someone from the family to college…We’re such a good bunch…back then and now..more than ever…

It’s just good to know friendship is still intact and contact was never lost. And I know, I can always depend on him. (may utang pa gne ko cmu..hahaha…sorry…)


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