My 2 Cents : On Celebrity Sex Videos

Why is it when sex videos like this (the one with Katrina Halili) comes out, it’s much easier for women to just say they’ve been abused? It’s always the same line: may nanay din kayo, may mga kapatid na babae…ang issue kung paano ako inabuso…etc. etc..- in their defense? When you watch the video, it doesn’t seem, and it doesn’t feel like they’re being abused at all? Parang nageenjoy pa nga eh…
I’m not defending Kho, in fact I dread him for what he’s done – him being a professional, a doctor for Christ sake. It’s just that I’m siding for all the men out of there, being a man myself. Dehado kasi ang lalaki pag ganito ang nagyayari. Lumalabas na lalaki lng yung may gusto na irecord kung anumang intimate scenes ng isang magkarelasyon. For all we know, it could have been a mutual decision.
It think it would be better if we all could man up (including all the women out there) for the consequences of our own decisions. Let’s not put the blame on someone else for our own redemption. Afterall, what comes around goes around. Makalusot ka nga ngayon, karma , in the long run, will find its way of making you pay.

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