Pain and Balance

As I was skimming through my old stuff one late afternoon, I came across our company newsletter (News From the Cubes) with this poem:
Great God
I sometimes wonder how strong you are
what awful cosmic tension
throbs inside your restless brain
why in the scheme of conception
did you include pain.
If we could meet on even terms
man to man
you stripped of power
I of fear,
I’d lift my shirt and show you scars
wide as the moon, black as the tears
If only we could meet
in the ghetto or in the street
you stripped of the Power of Death
I of it’s fear,
I’d go away from you
and you would cry to have me back
Perhaps I shall return to wipe your eyes
for we could not have a God that cries.
Oftentimes, I too wonder why God, in all of His greatness and wisdom, had to include pain in creation. Why man, in his search for a comfortable life would have to endure hours and hours of work and labor. Why man, in his quest for his one true love would have to go through a series of heartbreaks and lies. But my wondering would oftentimes end in cliche because my mind would argue that without pain, there is no victory. Cliche, yup. 
I guess we all go through pain in all forms and sizes. Some may experience the same hurt, the same guilt, the same intensity, but we react to that pain differently. Either way, the pain doesn’t subside that easily. In my experience, I think you would have to confront the pain head-on. You know, realize that it did happen, you were hurt, your pride was shattered, your heart was broken and now all you have to do is stand up and start all over again. Hell what? Who cares if you were depressed over something that no one really cares about but yourself, right? This world is nothing but an undying circle. We win some, we lose some. The important things are the lessons learned from every experience. And I believe from every experience, no matter how painful the outcome had been, there are still memories to be cherished, memories that can be always be remembered and memories that serve as reminders that not all of life is sweet and happy.

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  1. jacolev says:

    I like your music choice.

    1. BienAdosto says:

      why, thank you! 🙂

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